Under the Covers & Dreaming...


the covers are on their way!!

I'm sure you've been on the edge of your seat,
waiting for an update of Miss O's Room...

(haha, not!)

Miss O's little twin beds have finally been delivered &
she is so tickled with them!

After shopping around,
our local furniture store ended up giving us a GREAT deal
on two twin beds...

IRON beds, 

Oh heavenly goodness!

I decided to go with the Timberlake in an antiqued ivory finish.
I'm so very happy with them!

I love to invest in furniture that will never be out of style...
and I feel like these beautiful beds
will be in our family for many years to come.

I've been hunting for bedding.

Actually, I bought some that I loved...

I loved...
I loved...
I loved...

But, sadly,
Miss O did not love...
she did not,
nope, she did not...


Back it went.

I am blogging today to announce the impending arrival of 

the bedding

that we both have finally agreed on! ;)

(that I love)
(I love)
(I love)

(Did I mention, I love??)

and so does she!!!

I found it at Wake Up Frankie online,

Oh, happy day! 

We are off to soccer...
and softball...
Happy Thursday!