(Another) Simple Chalkboard Tutorial

Here's another one of those blog entries 
that I'm going to call a "tutorial"...

& when I'm done, 
you're going to have this weird look on your face
& you'll say, "that was just ridiculously easy".

You will,
I promise. ;)

Ok, I inherited this stash of (ahem) "junk"
from the remains of my granny's attic.
Say what you want,
it was free, heavenly goodness to me! 

See that Goldish BRASS looking mirror on the bottom of the pile?

NO, not the pile of CRUMBS on the table...the MIRROR!! 

It had SO much potential!!

I decided to use it to make a cute chalkboard for Miss O.

Luckily,it was in excellent shape
and I was able to just unscrew the backing to take the mirror out.

I simply took them both outside for a bit of spray paint time.
I love spray paint time...don't you? :)

For the frame, 

For the mirror, 

I let them dry, then followed the instructions for the chalkboard finish on the back of the can.  Here's a similar chalkboard "tutorial" (another loose term here, ha) I did using this same Krylon Paint.

Now, it's hanging in her room...
right at home with the other pops of Gloss Berry Pink
(I have so worn that paint out in there, we love it).

and now YOU have this slightly confused,
but polite smile on your face
& your thinking...that was just ridiculously easy...

you do, don't you! ;)

Well, I'm jumping up...
going to paint a bit on this board & batten.

It's ready for the trim at the top...
Daddy P flat out FORBADE me to use his saw...
so, I'm waiting on him to cut my wood...
kinda like I'm waiting on him to move 
my cabinet into the new craft room still (sob).

It will get done, I must exercise patience!!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!