Burlap Sand Dollar Tutorial

Yes, it's time for another one of those


(insert "air bunnies" here)



Miss O found tons of shells on the beach while 
we were on our trip to Charleston last month...

She is serious business!  

She says she's going to have her own show on TLC called 
"The Shell Hunter"
They'll fly her to beaches all over the world...

I am looking forward to watching.
(& maybe she'll take me with her)  ;)

I needed something beach inspired for my new bathroom...

I also needed a way to showcase some of her finds.

This is what I came up with:

I'm very pleased with how it turned out! :)

To make one, you will need:

A frame without glass
Burlap or your choice of fabric
shells (or whatever you would like to showcase)

First, I bleached out a few of the sand dollars that she brought home.  I didn't take pictures (because I wasn't sure really how they would turn out).  I simply put them in a plastic container & covered them with bleach, put the container out on my back porch...then I forgot about them for about a week.  That seemed to do the trick, ha!

When they were done bleaching I put them on paper towels in the sun & let them dry out for a couple of days.
Then I went hunting for a frame to use.

This one has been in my attic since we moved in...
I don't know why, I just never could find a spot for it.
((Look at Miss O...just a wee lassie!!))

So, I decided to take the pictures out & 
maybe put them in small frames later...
(one task at a time...)
I took the glass completely out,
then took the white frame outside & painted it black.

This was a nice frame with a fiberboard backing, very stiff...
I cut a piece of burlap to cover this..

I just happened to have a large scrap piece in my stash,
it worked out perfectly!
When I was ready to go, 

I covered the frame backing with MOD PODGE.

(not on the burlap...that's too messy)

Then I carefully placed the burlap piece on top, 
smoothing it down as I went. 


Let me tell you one important thing about MOD PODGE...


It is also sticky & messy,
so don't freak out!

I used my little Pampered Chef tool to smooth it out.

But be sure & wash it immediately,
because MOD PODGE dries fast and


When you get it smoothed down,
it will be a little bit white & creamy showing through.

This will dry clear, don't worry.

Then I placed my sand dollars where I wanted them to go.

I decided to use five,
each one representing a person in our little family.

When you have them where you want them to be,
pick them up one by one & 
apply A LOT of MOD PODGE to the back of each one.

See how I changed my mind about the placement 
& slid them over a bit...
no worries, it will dry clear.

Then, go away 
& let it dry.
Here it's almost dried, still just a bit wet on the burlap.

Once it was completely dried...
I trimmed around the edges so it would fit in the frame perfectly,
and put it up on the wall.

& I'm very happy with it 
(especially since it didn't cost me a dime). :)

It's right at home in my new little bathroom.

See, that was really easy...
(it. is. FOREVER....& it. is. AWESOME stuff!)

Hope you're having a great Tuesday!