Internet still on vacation...

I will not throw a tantrum,

I will not throw a tantrum,

I, not....

I will share with you a picture of a very wise wiener dog...Ahhhhh....

There now, everything is better. ;)

Well, yesterday was the tail end of winter/spring sports overlapping...

My was clinging to the fact that my evil thursday rush was finally over!

And then last night Big O decides he wants to play Babe Ruth league baseball after the Middle School season ends...I heard my glorious little bit of free time being flushed down the potty.

Now, this has me wondering...

Why do I allow this to run my life!??!

My kids stay busy, really busy (especially in the spring).

Are your kids this busy? Or do I just feel on a frazzle because I have three kids? In the community we live in, if I did not drive them all over town for this stuff I would be considered a bad parent.

But yet, we hardly ever spend time together as a family because of this stuff....and that makes me feel like a bad parent!

I think I've posted about this before. & I bet if I go back & look, it was posted in April or May.

Maybe I just need a theme song to get me thru...perhaps I can get "I Will Survive" playing in my head....ha!

I think I should probably get my family notebook out & get myself a tad more organized...there is safety in that keeps me from flipping out!

Ok, I'll quit whining about that...

Remember Catatar?

Well, it appears that she has been compromised...*sigh*...I could be wrong, I'll keep you posted there. The funny thing about this idea...Daddy P & I both groaned about it...but Miss O...oh, she had this look on her face...pure thrill & delight! I can remember having litters of puppies & kittens at my house when I was a's definitely an exciting thing to experience for a child, one litter of kittens wont be so bad.

Alright, I'm rambling on here...

I'm going to get up & do some laundry & get ready for our Saturday morning rat race of softball, baseball & our first soccer game of the season!

Be back to share something more interesting next time. ;)

Happy weekend!

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