It is Wednesday...


What on earth have I been doing??

Well, let's see...
last week, 

just as I was coming to the end of INTENSE spring cleaning,

on the very eve of receiving a houseful of committee guests,

on the very eve of Daddy P's meeting (making me a single parent),

on the VERY eve of our weekly Thursday night 

swim league, soccer & softball marathon...

Emily heads to the hospital to have Baby D!

Classic, no?

(drum roll, please)
I'm tickled to death to introduce to you, 

Sweet little 

Trent David...

born March 31st 
isn't he precious!!

Both mom & baby are home doing great!

Congrats, Emily & Michael!


Friday was busy...

I'm involved with a group that promotes and 
raises funds for the Music and Arts program at our local college.
This is where Daddy P & I both went to school,
we love to be able to support them.

We had our new member brunch out here at our house Friday...
it was the perfect excuse to get the place spiffed up,

get my spring cleaning done,

get those Christmas lights off the front porch. ;)

It was a gaggle of work
and I'm glad to be done
(& my house is MUCH cleaner!!)


SATURDAY was the big Mario Birthday!

I'm working on a post about that so I can share with you 
where I found all the party goodies that we had...

it was a FUN party & 
I'm so glad I decided to have it at home,
no one does that anymore...

I think my kids would be shocked speechless to 
be invited to a birthday party at someone's house!


Then, SUNDAY was Miss O's Pony Camp Day.

I've started taking lessons too.

I love!

I mean, I really love!

I mean, 
I came home & wanted to grab up some paper
& crayons & draw pictures of horses & flowers love! ;)


I spent Monday & Tuesday SEWING.


Made curtains for Miss O's room,

made curtains for my craft room,

made pillows for Miss O's bed, 

made teeny tiny little minky pants for baby Trent...

I forgot how much I love to sew!!

So, I guess you could say it's been a little busy...

I have lots more to share...


I just got home from my riding lesson
& have to get myself changed & bundled up for 

Be back to report on Miss O's bedroom...
it's looking so pretty!

AND Board & Batten marathon in the half bath!

Whew, the insanity never ends around here!

Happy Wednesday!!