Terrific on Tuesday...Busy Terrific!

It's been a great Tuesday!

Sneaky E were planning to go to the zoo today,
but it was rainy & cool when we were supposed to head out...

Big O's class was going
we wanted to spy on the middle schoolers
(ok, E wanted to see the elephants...I wanted to spy)...

We ended up stopping by to visit baby Trent...


Then we hit Home Depot to get our 
lattice strips for the little bathroom...

bathroom insanity currently in progress....

I'll keep you posted.

Then FedEx brought the pb teen bed skirts for 
Miss O's beds and I spent the majority of the afternoon 
IRONING those bad boys...(woof!)

and admiring my awesome find from Home Depot...

I sure do LOVE a good deal!!
I'm almost done with her new room do...
just a couple of little touches left,
it's looking so purty! ;)

And now, 
I'm getting ready to go read 
Llama, Llama Red Pajama for the 500th time, 
tuck the little darlings in to bed 
and snuggle on the couch with Daddy P 

watching a new episode of The Good Wife.

Definitely a terrific Tuesday!

Hope yours was great too! :)