Can You Guess?

Where sweet Daddy P took his princess last night?

This is the portrait of happiness, people! ;)

We were lucky to snag tickets to the Taylor Swift concert fund raiser last night, she is scheduled to visit Nashville for her tour on Sept. 14 & that show has been sold out for ages!

It was originally just their "final dress rehearsal" for her new tour.
She opened it up to raise money for tornado relief in the southeast, 
we have had some devastating storm damage here this spring.

All tickets were a set price and everyone in attendance received 
a light up necklace AND a free tee shirt featuring a design that she created.

The arena was a SEA of glowing necklaces when the lights went was awesome!

Last night she told her sold out crowd that we had helped her raise over $700,000 to help our southern neighbors...amazing!!

As good as it felt to help our neighbors,
it felt even better to watch these two beautiful girls sing & dance to every single song that Taylor Swift performed! 

If you have a little fan, I have to highly recommend her is CLEAN & CLASSY, the dancing was wonderful, the sets were amazing & TS changed her (gorgeous) dresses so many times that I actually lost count! It was a great evening!

We're heading over to have breakfast with all the family that came in for the shower yesterday...

then going to a graduation for one of my former first graders...
wow, how'd I get that old!

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!