Finally Summer!!

Friday night was closing ceremonies for softball...

I felt like running across the field like this:

((did I pick those dotty socks out?? why, of course!))


it was a fun season, 

we had several friends on our team this year & 

and despite the fact that over half the team had never played softball before, we somehow managed to pull off 3rd place in our league 
(AND earned the Sportsmanship trophy too).  

Yeah...great little group of girls!
(and parents too)

(notice the shaggy little boy in the picture...
don't even think you're going to leave him out...
no siree!)  ;)

Now...for the next two weeks,
my calendar is EMPTY.

No softball games,
no baseball games,
no soccer games,
no football practice, 
no swim league practice,
no camps...



Hand me some spray paint, 
I'm going to do a project!!!!

Actually, I just finished one here at the house.
While Big O was off at camp.
We did a 360 in his room...
I'm putting curtains up today & will be back to share.

I promise.

It's not like Miss O's room,
which is STILL NOT DONE...

This is a full blown,
completely finished project...
gosh, it feels great to finish something for a change!!

AND guess what!?!?!

I'm going to be Aunt Mandy again!!!
Prince William is expecting a little brother or little sister in 2012!!!

(& can you believe how big this stinker looks now...
he is a total stud muffin...I love him!!)

I'm so excited!!! :)

Well, I'm going to hop up here & get this party started...
lots of odds & ends to do today since my calendar is EMPTY!!

Wishing y'all the happiest Monday!! :)