Shellac Update

Ok, I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had tried the 

Remember how great it looked almost a week old...
(this is day 5)
(ignore sad cuticles)

Well, here's how it was holding up on day 14...

Still looked great, just grown out a lot!

I had it removed last week & then reapplied,
this was probably not the best thing for the health of my nails...
however, it ended up being a blessing

because of an incident at my house that involved fleas,

and little cats,

and water, 

and getting bit by a furious, little, wet cat.

Don't make me tell that story,
it was horrible & I want to forget it happened
(especially the wet cat part).

Shellac manicure saved my fingernail from being bit into...
The End. ;)

It's 6:21 AM...
I've already had my coffee...
I'm heading upstairs to work in Big O's room.
I want to get this mess finished so bad, it woke me up!

I took before pics...
but there's no way I can share them without following up IMMEDIATELY with some after pics...the trauma would just be too much for you! 

Wishing my sweet daddy, Daddy P & all my cool dad friends
a GREAT Father's Day Weekend!!