Sporty Teen Boy Room Makeover

Well, well, well...

It's been a pretty busy summer here!

Big O has been asking if I would redo his room for awhile now
since our neighbor's daughter told everyone he still had Star Wars sheets & posters up...middle school kids are so evil

so, while he was away for two weeks at camp last month

Daddy P & I got BUSY!

He is your typical boy.

Busy playing ball & the playstation...
he likes all kinds of sports (especially football) and has recently started going hunting with his dad...typical southern teenage boy. ;)

I am going to show you the BEFORE pictures.

Viewer discretion IS advised.

The following images may not be suitable for mommies of young children.
Mommies of teenage children will probably find these images typical and consistent with normal teenage behavior. ;)

(don't say I didn't warn you)

Needless to say...
I don't spend a lot of time in that room. nasty!

When we built this house, I had my boys rooms painted the same denim blue color. I try to buy things in reds, navy & denim so that I can rearrange & redecorate upstairs without having to spend any money.
But, Big O had grown tired of the blues & "all boy" colors.

I needed some direction, 
so I had Big O look at this mural site
and show me some pictures of things that he thought were cool...
you should have seen him come out of that chair when he found a University of Tennessee Neylan Stadium mural! 

Yep, I knew I had a winner!!

 After that big daddy arrived, 
Daddy P & I took the mural down to Lowes & matched the paint colors...
then we spent a crazy Sunday painting!

The mural was pretty easy to apply.
It was HUGE, but we worked together...
& only one potty word was spoken.

And once we got the mess up & could see the carpet,
we decided that it had to go...

It was GROSS!!!

Now, Big O has a classic "man pad"...
even Daddy P is a little bit jealous! ;)

I still need to touch up the trim on that door...the orange paint got out of hand there.

I think we're going to add a bookcase behind the desk, we'll be tweaking this nook in the upcoming weeks to get ready for school to's going to be a nice little study area for him.

Don't get me started about this poor goat...just don't, ok. ;)

The denim drapes came from Kmart 100 years ago,
I think they have hung in EVERY room Big O has had over the past 13 years...$15 bucks very well spent!

The quilt has been around forever, I can't even remember where it came from. The denim comforter is the same as the Sneaky E has, 
it came from Dillard's...SUPER quality!  Navy monogrammed pillow came from Ballard Designs.

and I love to show a before & after...

wow, SO much better!
I love to have a finished project!

I just finished filling up my calendar on my phone...
football starts tomorrow.


Where has our summer gone!?!?

In three weeks we start school.

I will be home alone...

all day...

monday thru friday...

Oh, my!!
What on earth will I do!?!

Do any of you girls stay home even though your kids are in school full time? What is your schedule like?  Gosh, I've got to start making a list of things I need to accomplish with that time or I'm going to blink & it will be Christmas!  

I do HATE to waste time!

I think I'll start on that list today...

Y'all have a
Beautiful Sunday!