Spray Paint Saturday!

I am trying to get things organized around here for school.

I got bored with that yesterday 
& sat down in front of the computer.

Looked down at my old, scratched up chair & decided...

this is really ugly!


One hour (& one can of spray paint) later

it looks like this:


The best part...
Daddy P walks in here this morning & says
"where'd that chair come from??"

Love it! ;)

I'm heading up to the craft room to
1. finish THREE sundresses that I started for Miss O in MAY!

2. Finish a pair of PJ pants that I originally cut out for Sharae's son back in 2006...they will now fit Sneaky E!

and 3. Making (starting on) a couple of pillows like these I saw on Candace Creations...are they not awesome!!

Hope you're staying cool & enjoying this beautiful afternoon!

Happy Sunday!