Thoughts on Thursday...

Yeah, I just made that up. ;)

It's been a busy week here at our house...
because suddenly it's THURSDAY!

Monday baby Trent came to stay with us 
while his mommy had teacher inservice.

He is a little dreamboat. :)

Then, we got a wild hair...

I had an appt set up for my kids to have pictures taken out in this beautiful field of sunflowers down the road...the perfect summer background!
So, I talked my sister into coming in for the day & 
bringing Prince William to get into the pictures with us.

It was H.O.T!

They turned out cute, I can't wait to get the prints!

So, we've just been visiting this week &
now Miss O has gone home with William for a few days...
this ought to be interesting, since she's never been away from home for more than one night...ever. I think she wants to show us that she can handle camp...she wants to go next year when Big O goes off for his two week camp stay.  Um...I'm not sure *I* can handle being away from my baby girl that long yet.  We will see. ;)

Yesterday, Daddy P & I celebrated our wedding anniversary.

15 years together!

How on earth did 15 years BLINK by so fast!??!
Blows my mind!

So, those are my thoughts on Thursday...ha.

I'm popping up here & heading to the gym.
Be back to share that little table makeover this afternoon.

Hope you have a great Thursday!