Updating The Little Office

I've been SLLLOOOWLY approaching this project.


because not even five years ago I begged Daddy P to let me spurge
on those darling green dotty roman shades from PBTeen
(back when this room was my sewing/craft room).

& frankly, he thinks curtains & shades should remain in place for at least 20 years or more...especially if he bought them...

I have loved them,
but since I moved my happy craft drama upstairs
this room has turned into more of a quiet "grown up" spot 
& an office for us.

Those wild dotty shades...
they were impossible to miss when you're downstairs &
I just really felt like in order to utilize this room 
properly, it needed to flow 
more with the rest of my downstairs decor.

I finally found what I wanted to put in here...

and caught them ON SALE!!!

I'm trying to keep this update budget on the slim,
since the window treatments were not on the cheaply side
(even if they were on sale).

I got the burlap drapes up this weekend &
I think I'm going to need one of these up there now....

they are SO easy to make, 
super easy!

I'm thinking about dragging my girlfriends over for a craft session & make one after these kids get back in school.  What to join me?  Go gather your supplies & come on over! ;)  

I still want to add a chair & a storage piece in there,

kinda want to take it in this direction...

but since I just spent what felt like a thousand dollars on 
school uniforms & school supplies & 
brand new shoes for three kids....

I need to lay low for a bit. ;)

But, I'll keep you posted. 
Hope you guys have a great Tuesday!
I'm off to kickboxing! :)