Stamped PIllows & Twine Message Boards!

Well, suddenly it's Thursday!

Today was the first full day of school for all three of my kids.
The first two days were 1/2 days & 
I am SO is SO awful hot here,
a full day of school is torture in this heat!

I had hoped everyone would be really tired
& go on to bed last night early...


E & Miss O were up & down,
finally going to sleep AFTER 9pm
(wear me out).

Maybe tonight they will pass out early &
get a good solid night's rest! Ha!

My mother in law, Little Debby
watched the kids for a few hours over the weekend
& I got SO MUCH stuff done!!

First I decided to make a pillow for my "new chair"....

I really like that stamped look on a canvas pillow.

I wanted to make a statement in here...
like you walk in & you know up front that is room is the...


But then I thought that might hurt Daddy P's feelings,
since he uses this room as an office too...
I didn't want to get too big for my britches there...

So, I ended up pulling a pillow out of the living room &
making a new pillow to put in there
(because I was dead set on making a pillow for something, darn it!)...

I found a set of foam letter stamps on the clearance isle at Joann's last spring...$1.97...I've been dying to use them for something!  I had an extra drop cloth laying around from a previous crafting adventure. Cracked open this great pillow tutorial over on Candace Creations....

and hour later, I've got a new family pillow...

it's not perfect,
but I like it. :)

I really like the way it looks as you're coming in the side door.

Happy. :)

While I was in the craft room 
I noticed this framed mirror that I had been meaning to do something with. 
I bought two of these with the intention of putting them in our master bath,
but we decided they were too small.

I carefully (so carefully) removed the mirror &
took the frame outside to give it a nice coat of Heirloom White.
Then I stapled in some twine.

I got this idea from Sharae last spring...
her's looks great!

Now, I've got a nice spot in my kitchen to hang art work 
(that was cluttering up the side of my fridge).

It was WAY easy to do...
grab your staple gun & take it to town!

It felt great to get some crafting time in &
I was tickled that I completed THREE projects for my downstairs
and it did not cost me an extra dime
(Daddy P was tickled about that too). ;)

Well, I would be even MORE tickled if someone had slipped in 
and folded all my laundry while I was sitting here blogging...

but, I'm pretty sure they did not.
SO, off I go to the REAL "Mom Cave"!

Happy Thursday!