Words on Wednesday...

Mercy, me!

I've been as busy as a bee!

But, sadly not with anything worth blogging about.

Daddy P has asked me to help him at the office
with his marketing/advertising 
(neither of which I know very much about).
Last week I was hopping...

We are doing an ad in a local magazine & 
needed some new family pictures made
(since Big O is now bigger than his daddy)...

here's a peek at the little family session we did last week:

I can't wait to see the rest!

and we have also been watching some football here

Big O is all about it!!
AND he all about his grades too...
pushing toward Principal's List this 9 weeks!!
We are SO proud of that buggar! ;)

Well, I'm jumping up to fix them a little breakfast
then heading in to Spin Class!

I promise, I'll be back to share something soon...
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Happy Wednesday!