Family pictures...

I think I shared a shot from a recent family photo session...

here are a few more from that afternoon.

Kyla did such a great job,
she captured our silly crew perfectly!

I think I'm probably going to use some of these for
our Christmas card (because I'm going BLINK & it will be 
time to put that together, you know).

I love these shots...

and these two just crack me up....
CLASSIC crazy family! ;)

(this is our marriage in a nutshell...never a dull moment)

We're headed to bed early tonight,
our entire family is participating in Sherry's Run tomorrow!

I am so proud to take part in this awesome race,
100% of the proceeds go toward cancer research and 
helping cancer patients in OUR local community.

As it says in our paper today:

"It's small town America at its best. It's neighbor helping neighbor. It's about volunteers working together for a common cause."

I love it & it makes me feel ridiculously amazing to be a part of it!

Wishing you a ridiculously amazing weekend! ;)