Words on Wednesday...

Well, it's been kinda busy here lately.

Daddy P & I were supposed to fly down to Destin 
last weekend for a little anniversary trip...
Tropical Storm Lee put a stop to that. :(

Kudos to Southwest Airlines, 
they gave us a full refund on our tickets!

I have been organizing...
little bit here, 
little bit there...
nothing worthy of showing off though.

This morning I hit Spin class & 
have been cleaning up in Miss O's room...

she has grown so much,
both she AND Big O have pretty much had 
every piece of clothing plucked from their closets 
for back to school...NOTHING fit!

This week we've had glorious (much needed) rain & 
a bit of a cold snap...

THANK GOODNESS I thought to buy ONE pair of pants 
for each of them when I was buying BTS uniform shorts! 
Yesterday they were rocking the sweatshirt/shorts look 
& freezing to death!

I've been looking at this blog...

Oh, LOVE!!

I finally narrowed a few colors down &
ordered some samples from Benjamin Moore online.
My upstairs & kitchen are about to get a work over! 
(but, SHHHH...don't tell Daddy P)  ;)

Speaking of...
the wallpaper removal stuff is ready.

Gotta go bid the little frogs farewell.

(and yes, the ceiling is pink...ha)

It's time for Miss O to have a big girl bathroom.

Remember this project?


It's board & batten time, baby! ;) 

(but, SHHHHH....don't tell Daddy P..he'll get me! Ha!)

Heading back upstairs.

Happy Wednesday!