Baby Trent 6 Months Old...

I have been missing my blog something terrible!!

For about a month now my internet service has been acting wacky...
it just runs & runs & runs...
never connects!

I've not been able to get any pictures to load,
sometimes I cannot even get my email to open!

I thought it was my computer, 
but our neighbors have recently started complaining on facebook
& sure enough, 
there was something wrong with the server down at the end of our road...
they've FINALLY gotten it fixed!!!

I'm getting ready to take Miss O out to buy new shoes...
mercy, that child won't stop growing!!

I wanted to share some quick pics that I took of baby Trent last week when he & Emily stopped by to visit.  It was probably the last 80 degree day we're going to have for awhile & that stinker had the best time laughing at all my crazy animals running around in the yard.  He is a hoot!

(this is my fave)

I haven't painted my kitchen yet.
I'm scared. 

I'm scared and we have had SNOWBALL of stuff (& that's a nice word to use here) break the past four months we have had to replace our pool liner, the dishwasher, my car battery, the COOK TOP in the kitchen...the garage door AND the central vac system are both still broken...mercy, I've been too scared to start a project...Daddy P has been way too stressed out with STUFF here lately, ha!!

I did pick a color though,
Alexandria Beige by Benjamin Moore...
I love!!
I'm going to get it done after the holidays probably.

I did get Miss O's bathroom done, now I'm waiting on Daddy P to put the trim on so I can share that board & batten adventure with you guys.

I cannot believe it's already Halloween,
next week I've got to start decorating for Christmas!!

What are you guys up to??
Stop in on the Crafty Southern Mama facebook page & share, I would love to hear from you. :)

Wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday!