Happy Halloween!!

I'm heading out to go on a field trip with Sneaky E...

Field trip all day, 
return in time for Miss O's class party,
trick or treating tonight...

I am definitely going to need a nap after school...
or a spa day tomorrow, ha!

We went out to a couple of parties this weekend 
& spent time celebrating with friends,
I wanted to share a few real quick before I walked out the door. :)

This year Daddy P & I decided to go as Popeye & Olive...
I was shocked that hardly ANY of the kids at the party knew who we were...I guess my kids watch way too much of the Boomerang channel! LOL!

 Miss O & her hero, Popeye!

She says she's Lady Gaga, I said she looks like Madonna, she says "who's Madonna?"...I've failed as a parent!

My hero, Daddy P
NO pictures of Sneaky E...
the "Bumblebee Transformer"

he was not in the mood
& I didn't feel like fighting him.

I did get some Saturday night before we left out for our neighborhood hayride...he went as "Obi and Kenobie" wearing one of Big O's old costumes...I'll have to show side by side photos of them...they look exactly alike at this age!  So funny!

What are you guys dressing up as this year?
Come post a pic on the Crafty Southern Mama facebook page,
I would love to see your Halloween fun!
& thank you to Miss E Bradford for your sweet message over on the facebook page...I my blogging friends! :)

Happy Halloween!