Sherry's Run 2011



Remember me?? 

Crazy, whoops I mean...
Crafty Southern Mama?? ;)

Gosh, I fell in a hole...

the office,
this HOUSE,
the gym,
the laundry,
my insane paint projects!!!

finally back in action for a minute & wanted to pop in & 
share what our family did last month.

*This entry was originally started on Sept. 17...about the time I became a member of Pinterest...LOL...good gosh*

For the second year in a row (my 4th),
my entire family participated in Sherry's Run 
to raise money for cancer patients in our local area.

It is such an incredible community event,
so many people come out and show their support...

this year I was DELIGHTED that in addition to 
several of my most precious friends, 
our pals at Daddy P's office, my parents, 
my sister, brother in law & nephew, William,
my cousin Emily, baby Trent, my beloved Uncle Douggie, 
and my adorable mother in law, Little Debby all joined
me, Daddy P, Big O, Miss O & Sneaky E

our "team" was only 11 people last year...
this year we had 48 people join us!

I was particurally excited that my daddy joined in this year,
I can remember him running in races when I was a kid...
I would love for him to lace up those shoes 
& come run this race with me & Big O next year...

Come on, Poppie!!!

and speaking of Big O...

of course, I have not pictures of 
Mr. "Way Too Cool Middle School" besides this family shot:

Last year he was just running this race for fun 

& ended up being pretty upset when I beat him...


this year the kid was out for blood! ;)

His old lady was THRILLED to beat last year's time by one minute (ran this 5k in 31 minutes...let's see if I can get it in 30 next time!!)...

Big O ran it in 27:55...WHOOOOP!

And speaking of awesomeness...

my favorite girls joined our team this year,
I hope this is a tradition that our families will 
continue to do together for many years to come...
love you guys!!

It was just a fun, fun morning...
I'm already looking forward to next year!

 Well, I guess I've got to pop up here & get busy...
we are on fall break & I'm trying to pack for our annual trip....

Oh, heavenly goodness...
I cannot wait!!!

Hope you have a wonderful week...
back with words & projects soon!