Rocky Top Tennessee



Did it sneak up on you?

I'm already starting to feel a wee bit of panic...

got to get this house decorated,
but yet I can't seem to even keep it picked up!!

Christmas shopping...
(hiss, spit)
nothing here yet.

I love Christmas...

but, I wish it was just about 
the sweet little baby Jesus...
not gifts & stress!

Well, before I get on a soapbox...
this weekend we took our entire family to 
the 2011 University of TN Homecoming!

This was Sneaky E's first college football game ever... 

it was QUITE an event!

Here are a few highlights
(borrowing this instagram collage idea from Joy's Hope, love)

I think everyone in our family would agree that 
the Vol Walk was our favorite part of the day... 

photos with Smokey,
Derek Dooley sans the signature orange pants,
high fives from the players...

very exciting, especially for little E!! ;)

I have more pictures on my camera,
these were just the ones I took with my phone
(& edited with Instagram).

My favorite one from the day...

my new nephew. :)

Can't wait to meet this kid!

More news...

I think we have finally found a church to call our home.

Hope you had a beautiful Sunday! :)