Simple Chalkboard Bucket Tutorial

I admit it...

I have a huge weakness for chalkboards...

especially turning things INTO chalkboards!

It's just too easy & 
they're so cute & functional!

I have been needing something for my little mud room/hall area...
peeps were just getting too free with the space...
shoes, hats, purses (ahem, miss o)...
they were taking over!!!

Sunday, after church we ran into Lowe's for light bulbs.
We were just about in the dark in some rooms...
bulbs out all over the house!! LOL
I found these awesome steel tubs & 
decided they would be perfect with 
a little chalkboard paint on the front! 

Here's what you need:

tape (I use Frog brand tape, it is awesome), 
chalkboard paint  (my paint looks blue because I hadn't stirred it up yet)
& a roller brush.

First use the tape to mark off where you want the chalkboard to be.
Then apply as directed.
I applied three good coats & let them dry overnight before writing.

I also added little felt feet to the bottom of these tubs to keep them from scratching my hardwood floor as they are pulled out from under the bench.

Now everyone has a bucket to dump their shoes & random things into when they get home from school.

& Mama is happy. 

The end. :)

Happy Thursday!