Thoughts on Thursday...

Thursday already?!?!


Here are a few thoughts on this beautiful Thursday.

1. The kids were out of school on Monday for a Teacher Inservice day...
This was a blessing, because they were exhausted from our big trip to Knoxville (did I mention that Daddy P decided to drive home after the game, instead of checking into the hotel we had booked...everyone in bed at 11:30...then popping back up for church the next morning!). 

Lazy Monday, we you!

Big O down on the field Saturday with my sister, brother in law & his Aunt Cathy (who we ) :)
2. I got the ball rolling on our annual Christmas party...
caterer lined up & invites ordered...
I also got busy & got my CHRISTMAS CARDS ordered too!!

Pat, pat, pat my back! ;)

This is the card I did not use because it was just too expensive...
I love the ones I ordered, but this one was awesome too!

3. Daddy P & Miss O went on a date last week. 

4. I saw this mirror at Homegoods. 
I love it, I want it...but,  have no where to put it!

5. FINALLY found a piece of furniture at Homegoods to put in the boys bathroom upstairs!  I don't have any before & after pics, but I LOVE how it turned out!!

I also picked up that red soap dispenser too, such a cutie! :)

6. I broke down & hired someone to paint my kitchen. Daddy P does not know. I don't think I will tell him. I wonder if he will notice??

7. Loving the Christmas decorations out in the Maxx...I'm not a fan of pinks at Christmas in my own house, but isn't this pink pretty!

8.  Made this Roast with Apples & Onions last night.
It's a Pioneer Woman recipe. Daddy P proposed again! ;)

9.  I've become a Spin fanatic! I do class three times a week & then a little Pilates on Friday. I have lost INCHES in my hips, my muffin top is shrinking & my legs feel like rocks without even flexing muscles! GO. TRY. A. SPIN. will change your life!!

9.5...Popeye is my hero. :)

10.  Daddy P has a lunch meeting today...we usually have lunch together 2-3 times a week (he loves me, I guess) ;) I'm home, all day...until the kids get out of school...WHOOP! I think I'll go craft!  :)

Hope you have a thoughtful Thursday! :)
Happy day!