Christmas Card Blessing Rings

I've been looking for a way to keep my Christmas cards from years past.
I used to keep them in a Christmas tin, but the lid will not close now!

A blogging friend pointed me in the direction of this great blog last week.
The Francis Family has a new fan!
What a great blog they have!
Jennifer shared a cute tutorial on how to make a Christmas blessing ring, 
isn't hers adorable!!

I decided to get busy today & 
organize all my cards onto rings.

It was super easy,
E & I enjoyed some time together getting this done while the older kids were off at their friend's houses after school.  It's always more fun with a little hand helping you along. ;)

I used some cheap dollar store ribbon and
the 5" neck ring with 2 clasps...
and for about $10
I have a new way to showcase my old cards so that I 
can enjoy seeing those precious little people that I love 
and how much they have grown over the years.

That's what the holidays are about to me...
seeing the little people I love...
that makes me happy
(even that exhausted, sugar induced child right there). ;)

 I'll be back to share how I'm displaying THIS year's card,
on my new Christmas card TREE! :)

Happy Friday!!