Christmas Card Tree (or anytime Card/Photo Tree)

I can't believe this is my last project for the year already!

 Before I get all my Christmas goodies put away, 
I wanted to show you my new
Super Easy Christmas Card Tree
(or an Anytime Card/Photo Tree)
that I put together this year.

I've been waiting to blog about this project
because the more cards I got in the mail,
the better my tree looked!

Here she is day one:

I had this outdoor Christmas decoration that bit the dust a few years ago, but I never threw away the base that it came with.  It was just one of those things that I KNEW I could make something cool with it!

It is heavy & you will want to use something with weight on the bottom to keep your tree from falling over.  Conveniently, this base was already weighed down AND topped with Styrofoam & moss...but both of those things are easy to acquire at your local craft store.

First, I went out & gathered some sticks out in the yard.

Then I got out my Metal Spray Paint & gave them a fancy coating.
I wish I had thought to add glitter to them when I was doing this step, they would have been so sparkly & bewitching like that!

After they were all dried, I took them in the house 
& got ready to place them into the Styrofoam container.  

I used some twine & a hole punch to tie some of the cards like ornaments (thus making it easier to put the cards onto a ring after the holidays), but then I got lazy & just started clipping them on with these mini clothes pins that I had left over from one of the baby showers that we had here last year.

Once you have your sticks placed where you want them,
you're ready to go!

We got some of the cutest
and most creative cards this year...
I'm going to enjoy looking back on them for many years to come!

I enjoyed this card holder so much,
I've decided to leave it up for the winter &
use it to hold pictures & love notes. 
I also think I'm going to paint the base a different color...
I'll share an update in a few weeks.

Well, I'm hopping up to get busy here...
lots of cleaning up, packing up, sorting, & organizing going on!

I'll be back to share the Crafty Southern Mama 2011 year in's last year's New Year review...what a busy bunch we've been!!

Happy New Year's Eve!