Christmas Movies

One thing that our family LOVES to do during the holidays is 
curl up on the couch
with a giant tub of popcorn
& watch MOVIES!

There are several channels that devote their air time to HOLIDAY themed movies & shows the entire month of December & we LOVE that...
but, some Christmas movies are meant to be seen 
commercial interruption! ;)
Here are our top FIVE Christmas movies 
that we watch every year as a family...
it's just not Christmas if we haven't watched it yet!

#1. Home Alone...

Without a doubt, 
it is just not Christmas without this movie!!
This one is a true family favorite!

#2.  National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

We have this one on DVD...
but the TV version is better because they cut out most of the bad language.
I cannot imagine Christmas without Chevy Chase...EVER!

#3. It's a Wonderful Life

Every year on Christmas day, 
we do our gifts, 
eat a big breakfast,
then Daddy P & I curl up on the couch 
& watch this movie in our jammies 
while the kids play with their toys...
it's my favorite tradtion!

#4. A Christmas Story

I admit, this one is not my most favorite...
but it's a family favorite &
I have great memories of it playing in the background 
at my granny's house on Christmas Eve...

#5. Elf...
We Love, love, LOVE Will Ferrell...

If you have not seen this movie, 
please make a point to watch it this holiday season...
it's WONDERFUL (& hilarious)!!

Awesome, awesome 30 minute cartoon 
narrated by Andy Griffith.

It's a fabulous little children's movie!
I send it to school with my kids every year 
so their teachers can borrow's wonderful!

I also love these, but we don't normally watch them as a family.

Miracle on 34th Street...the original!

Scrooged, Bill Murray
Daddy P loves this one too...
Bill Murray at his finest!

It'll leave you singing...
"Put a little love in your heart"...
& I love that cheesy song! ;)

Family Man...
Another TRUE favorite!
I will watch this anytime I catch it on tv,
it's probably my favorite Nicholas Cage movie!

While You Were Sleeping

Cheesy, but I love it! ;)

Four Christmases

Reece & Vince...
Hilariously wonderful!!

The Shop Around the Corner...
Love, so love!! 

There are still a few that I want to see, 
but haven't caught them on Turner Classic...

Christmas in Conneticut
Holiday Inn (gasp, I know)
It Happened on Fifth Avenue

there are tons that I have not seen on that list!

What about you?
What are your favorites?


I am hunting for a way to store my old Christmas cards.
Most of the cards I have are PHOTOS of little people I love & 
I cannot bring myself to throw them away...
but I have have bundles from years back!
I don't want to put them in an album.
Have you seen any cute crafts with old cards??

I'm hopping up here to get ready for a fun Cookie Swap with my girls...
Wishing y'all a beautiful Friday!!