Christmas Open House 2011

One of my favorite things to do is
visit the inside of other people's homes...

on their BLOG!

(without even getting out of my jammies)

I especially love to see how other people 
decorate their homes for the holidays.

I'll never forget the second Christmas we lived in this house.
I opened up the boxes of decorations...
& did not even recognize the stuff that I found in there,
much less remember where I put it the year before!

A couple of years ago,
I started taking pictures of my house after I finished decorating.

Now, what used to take me a couple of weeks to accomplish
I can have pretty much done in 1-2 days.

I pretty much stuck with the same format this year,
& added a little thing here & there...

Here's my house decorated for Christmas, 2011:

These are the kind of pictures I'm getting!

I would LOVE to see your house...
please share a link in the comments so I can visit.

Wishing you a fabulous Thursday!

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