Dear Santa (2011),

I feel like I just posted this blog entry...
how on earth did a whole year blink by so fast?!?!

I could pretty much cut & paste that entire thing right here, ha!
I do own those pretty floral jammies now,
Daddy P got me some last year for Christmas. 
Great job, Daddy P!  :)

& since my sweet mother in law, Little Debby 
has asked where my Christmas list is this year...;)

This year I am only asking for....

I'm completely out...
I stink! ;)

Juicy Couture is my fave!

Some cute new Flannel Jammies...
(yes, more jammies) 

Betsy Johnson Jammies are my fave, 
but Target has some cute ones too.

I heart cute jammies...
I heart my cozy bed...
I heart sleep...


I would LOVE a big daddy waffle maker!

This Cuisinart is perfect (& on sale at Macys)
My kids would love me if I cranked out Waffles on Wednesday!

(Muffins on Monday, Toast on Tuesday, Waffles on get it)

& I would also love to have a leather bible...

Lifeway Christian has some nice ones. :)

Of course, I would ALWAYS

ALWAYS!!! ;)

(did I mention always???)

That's it, I'm easy to shop for...
spoiled rotten & don't need a thing...
spend your money on yourself,
that would make me the HAPPIEST! ;)

What are you guys wishing for this year?

I'm hopping up to get this house picked up for the cleaning crew
(hiring cleaning crew before the big Christmas party...
worth every penny!!!)

Wishing y'all a beautiful Friday!!