Newborn Goodness...

Busy around here these days!

One of the things I love about being stuck inside during the winter months is GETTING STUFF DONE around the house!  When it's warm & pretty, I want to be outside playing with my kids & enjoying my yard!

I've been trying to sit down & share some pics of Joseph,
he's my little buddy already! ;) 

But I've had a bad case of ants in your pants...
I keep popping up & dragging out closets & drawers...
busy, so busy here!

A couple of weeks ago,
the TV 
above the fireplace


But, I was secretly glad.

We have a tv in the media room AND upstairs in the playroom.
Having that tv in the living room means
little people migrate to the 
in my entire house...
and trash it up!

So, we've decided that when we get our woodwork done in our foyer
(details on that project later)...
we're going to have them close up the hole & 
make it look something like this...

no tv...
no children. ;)

Well, I wanted to share some newborn pics of 
sweet prince Joseph...
both mom & baby are home doing great
& little prince William is warming up to the idea of a little brother...

of course, who wouldn't warm up....

he is so, so precious!!!

(this is my fave)

(little skunk feet that smell so sweet)

Can't wait to visit with this little guy again soon!!!

Hope you've had a great Monday!