Top Five Projects of 2011

2012 is off to a running start!
My house is back in order(ish) & the kids are back in school. It's freezing here, but the sun is shining bright...not a snowflake in sight.
(& I love that, because I need a couple of days of ALONE time here)

Here's a look back on five of my FAVORITE projects from last year:


here I sit a year later,
still enjoying the results of this challenge!

If you have time to organize this month, 
it is well worth the time & effort!


Daddy P did such a great job on this!

 I became a

(& we all gained 15 pounds)


The Board & Batten 
Happy Little Half Bath



Is a tie...

between Big O's Teen Bedroom Makeover


Twin Beds in Miss O's Room

Both have brought great 
happiness!! :)

And I am already at it again...
Busy, busy, busy!

Tomorrow I'm having my closet measured &
we are finally getting a custom closet put in!!!

I'm up to my eyeballs in empty hangers today,
that is a clean out that is LONG overdue!!

Looking forward to sharing this project & many more fun projects soon!

Happy Wednesday!