Super Sunday Ramblings

Happy Super Sunday!

My house is clean, 
there are treats to eat, 
boys/men are occupied with football, 
Miss O watching High School Musical Marathon, 
Mama P is enjoying some quiet time
(which is super!!)  :)

It's been the usual busy here...
Still getting things organized, 
cleaned out,
put away, 
painting furniture, 
etc, etc.
I'm taking some things to a consignment sale next week. 
I used to sell the kids outgrown things on eBay, 
but I just don't have the time now that all three kids are out growing clothes faster than I can buy them!
What do you do with your kids outgrown stuff?


I am going to admit, 
I've avoided my blog this past week...

I have things to share, some cute crafts & paint projects...

but I just could not find a way to be all chipper 
& happy on my blog when my heart was heavy & sad.  

In the past three weeks  I have learned that FIVE PEOPLE that I know  have been diagnosed with cancer. Two of them are cases that have been caught early & are treatable. One is a little more advanced, but is also very treatable.

And the other two are CHILDREN.  
One is a 15 year old girl who is the daughter of two sweet people that Daddy P & I went to college with...she has already undergone brain surgery twice to remove a tumor. The other is a sweet, sweet young man that Big O plays sports with at his school.

I've had my bible open all week,
praying hard!

One minute you're a regular kid excited that baseball season is about to start,
the next minute you're in a completely different dimension...

I cannot imagine how those kids must feel,
nor can I grasp how scared & helpless their parents must be...

If you would, please help me pray for Zac & Ali and their families.
 I really, really appreciate it.

((See, I told you it was a deep week!))


Last Friday night was the last Father Daughter Dance for Daddy P & Miss O.  She is probably not going to do girl scouts next year since she will be busy with 5th grade sports....((5th grade!?!? OMGosh))...
I was so darn jealous!!

The party theme this year was a SOCK HOP!

& of course Miss O didn't have a poodle skirt...
so my pal Jen & I spent a few fun days cutting felt & sewing four fab poodle skirts....I was tickled to have some craft time (& got to teach Jen how to sew). ;)

They turned out SOOOOOO cute!!

I think this is the first time that Miss O was embarrassed by Daddy P...she didn't want him to dress up, didn't want him to pop his collar, told him to quit acting like the Fonz...if you know Daddy P, that is just like throwing gas on a fire...the man LOVES to aggravate & he only aggravates people he loves!

Look at these two hams!!

They're hilarious!

& Miss O loves her daddy dates!!


I have been really trying to make some changes around the house here...
this past week I found two great deals at Goodwill...

I've been a painting fool!!!

I took some pictures with my phone...

here's the before:

now, just wait till you see the after...

SO much better
& only cost me $15!

I'll get a better pic tomorrow,
since I went to Homegoods & found a rad lamp to go on it....
which was not $15..ahem...


and now, what Super Sunday Rambling would be complete 
without a little baby love...

Sweet Prince William got a new bicycle helmet...
he is such a stinker!



Wee Joseph...

so precious! :)

Well, I'll be back...
I've got some things to share...

so if you're still reading all the way down here...
thanks ;)
I missed you guys too!

Happy Sunday!