$4.99 Goodwill Chair (EASY) Make-Over

Last month I found this cute little chair 
at my local Goodwill for $4.99. 
 She was a little wobbly, 
but nothing a dab of Gorilla Glue couldn't fix.

I had been looking for something to sit next to my 
"new" goodwill table that I recently painted...
but I really didn't want to spent $100 on a simple chair.

I was particularly drawn to that sassy cane detailing...
I had been eyeballing several online...

like Kayla at Pottery Barn:

& Claydon at Home Decorators...

I spray painted mine with Heirloom White.

(sorry, I got in a hurry & painted it
didn't take a real before picture...)

  it was a plain brown wood chair to begin with.
Some crafty person had recovered the seat,
it was pretty...
but not me.

So, it sat for a week or two while I chewed on that part.

 Fabric is expensive...it had to be right. ;)

But, then I found this awesome laundry bag at TJ Maxx...

it had a simple design...perfect for my project! 

I started out by ironing 
(the part that would be on the seat) 
nice & neat...

Then I unscrewed the seat 
(under the chair) 
& started recovering it.

This is VERY easy to do,
all you need is fabric,
 & a staple gun.

Because the seat was already covered in a light fabric, 
I decided to just cover right over that one.

 You want to go all the way around,
stapling as you go.
(in the photo above I had trimmed off 
excess fabric after I finished one side)

You will want to pull it nice & tight
(excuse the "she-man" hand there...
but do please continue to pray for sweet Zac)

Then, when you're done trimming & stapling...
you will just need to screw the seat back onto the chair.

And now I have a "new" chair...

Happy! :)

Today is Big O's 14th birthday...
you know, 
this little guy here...


Dear Big O,

You do not have permission to be 14 years old.

You do not have permission to have a 
wee caterpillar on your upper lip.

You do not have permission to 
wear shoes bigger than your daddy's.

and you most certainly do not have 
permission to have a girlfriend!!!

I demand that you stop,
stay little,
right now,
I mean it!

Please! :(



Happy birthday, little boy!

Happy Thursday, crafty friends! :)