Wisteria Blue, I love you! :)

Took Miss O to the Maxx yesterday...

She asked me 65 times while we were there 
if I would take her to Justice next...





I've got to teach this child that there is life beyond Justice...
not every outfit has to be covered in glitter & peace signs!

I got lots of eye rolling,
huffing & puffing...

I am not falling in love with the tween years.

I was just starting to loose my cool with Miss Priss

when I saw her...

this beautiful Wisteria Blue summer dress....

(which looks like silk, but it's really casual cotton)

& perfect for a party... 

(& I just happen to have one coming up)


& IN my price range!

I knew it was for me when we were in the dressing room
& Miss O tells me "wow, that is pretty"
(words I never hear from her mouth, 
as I apparently dress like a senior citizen in her eyes). ;)

I don't normally blog about clothing, 
but I nearly fell out of my chair when I got home 
& looked this dress up online! 

I paid $39.99 for it at TJ Maxx...
and it's selling on the Calvin Klein website for $139!


I love the Maxx!
Muwah, muwah, muwah!!

Ok, Happy Sunday!
The end. ;)