April Ramblings

My goodness!

We have been so busy lately!!
I have had so many things going on, I really don't know where to start blogging about the insanity! ;)

Baseball for Big O is winding down, only two more weeks left. Sneaky E's season is reached the half way mark, and ball takes off for Miss O on Monday.

That is pretty much the summary of it for me...
Ball games, ball practices, ball snacks, ball equipment...

Oh, yeah...and AFTER ball homework & laundry!


This little biscuit had a birthday...

Who does he think he is turning SIX!?!?

We also have some construction going of at the house.

We are having our foyer updated, a wall ripped out, banister put in, a hole covered up, AND a new front door going in....AND got the dining room painted!

Yeah, it's been a little wild around here lately! ;)

Here are a few shots I took with my phone...(because something not good is going on with my computer, sadness!!)...

Before...adding the trim work progress:

And painting a bit:

Said goodbye to my red dining room, hello Alexandria Beige (Benjamin Moore).

I'll keep y'all posted on that one,
It's a crazy big project for us!

Has the spring weather been fabulous where you are? It has been incredible here! Last weekend we got our little garden planted....holy cow, that is not for wimps...I hurt all over Monday & Tuesday! Gardening is hard work!!!

(but these guys make it look easy) ;)

I found these cute garden markers on the dollar isle at Target yesterday, I've got to get my rows marked before I forget what I planted! can't wait to enjoy fresh vegetables & herbs this summer! Do you guys do a garden in the summer, what's your favorite homegrown goodness? Last year we had great luck with sweet potatoes, they were absolutely divine!!

Well, anyway...
tomorrow I've got to get out & hunt a shirt for E. I'm having the kid's pictures done on Sunday afternoon...my awesome photographer friend, Kyla found this crazy cool spot for us to use...

I can't wait to see how they turn out!

I think I mentioned that we had something HUGE in the works out at our house....I think it's safe to say that the biggest thing going on for us this spring is this:


Whew, now...am I crazy or what!?! ;)

I'll be sharing more about that soon. You can see some of the party ideas that I've been working on over on Pinterest (use the red linky up there at the top left hand corner of my blog, I'm not having lucky posting links in this entry).

Well, I've got to go fix some dinner.
Daddy P will be home here in a minute.

Thanks for reading all the way down here,
I sure do miss my sweet blogging friends!
Hope y'all are having a beautiful spring!

Be back to share again soon.

Mandy :)

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