Fabulous Moss Frames

I've been dying to whip up a craft...

it's been so busy here this spring, 
I've not had the time to get past the daily mess 
to make a bewitching craft mess!

This past week was teacher appreciation week.

WHY does this have to be the week before Mother's Day!?!?!
Miss O wanted me to make something special for her teachers instead of doing a store bought gift 
(she knows the best gifts come from the ).

So, I got out some moss...
you can never go wrong with moss! ;)

I had these sweet little wood frames left over from a project last year. I got them at Michael's in the $1 bin.  

These darlings are fantastic, with ENDLESS possibilities!!

I've seen some really nice moss frames on Pinterest
here's some of my inspiration:

Simple & sweet...

& how awesome is this...

two of my favorites, 

moss & chalkboards!!


Well, I had everything I needed on hand...
so this craft didn't cost me an extra penny 

(P Daddy's favorite kind).

Here's what you need to make them:

  1. Instant Green Packaged Moss
  2. Frame of your choice
  3. Scissors
  4. Hot Glue Gun or Craft Glue

It is crucial that you get the right kind of moss...

go ahead & spend the extra $2 to get the moss with the grid backing.  You can find this at most craft stores, I got mine at Joann's...it runs around $3.96 a pack (check the "Things Mama Loves" box on the side of this page to buy it from Amazon.com).  

If you get the loose moss without the grid, I suggest you do your craft outdoors because the moss will come apart & can easily turn into your worst nightmare!!

(don't ask how I know that...)

The first thing you need to do is plug up your hot glue gun.  
You can use craft glue for this, but it will take longer to dry.
(& since I'm a huge fan of instant gratification when crafting, I prefer to use my hot glue gun for these)

Next you need to measure your frame on your moss.
You want the moss to be a pinch bigger so that you can fold it over on the sides.  I got lucky, these square frames were a perfect match for the folds of my moss (see the plastic grid on the backing, it's your friend).  
So, all I had to do was cut on the fold.

 Now, go ahead & put some hot glue on the frame...

and turn it over & press it onto your moss.

Easy so far, no?

 Now, turn it over & 
gently pull back the unglued section.

Then add a bit of hot glue at a time 
until you have the entire frame attached to the moss.

Now, you're ready to turn down the edges...

Add some hot glue along the side, 
one side at a time.

Then press it down.


You might get burnt by hot glue during this part of the craft!

If you do,

give yourself a pat on the back...
(after you have screamed like a fool from the pain)


You have just earned a badge of honor!!

You are a REAL crafter now! ;)

After you have glued down all the sides, 
you might need to go back & trim the moss off the back of the frame a little bit...just to make it nice & neat back there.  

I used the back of the wood frame to write a little note of thanks & added the date. I love to pick up things from my former students & see their names on the bottom or the back, it always makes me smile. 

Now you're ready for the HARD part!
(& it's not that hard, don't worry)

Don't stress, 
you can do this!!

It's time to cut the hole for the photo...

or you can just leave it looking like this
(which isn't really all that bad)
& use straight pins to make it a little moss message board.

If you want a picture frame, 
you must cut out the spot for your photo.
And this is where the GRID on the back of the moss is your BFF!! 

Carefully, trim the inside of the hole.
The moss will be a bit loose in the middle, that is ok.

Trim all the way around.

Your hole will look something like this...

Then you will want to take a bit more hot glue & fold the edges down to make it nice & neat 
(or you can leave them just like that if you want to, it's your project).

And there you go,
you're done!

You can add a photo or 
even a cute printable
(I'm a printable hoarder on Pinterest).

I decided to use this one, 
because Miss Olivia LOVES the movie The Help.

This is an super easy project that makes a sweet gift
or dresses up a spot in your home...

I've got a couple more frames in my craft room,
I think I need to make one for me too!

 I'm hopping up...

going to spend my day with P Daddy
& my three favorite people in the world...

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

I'm so glad you stopped by!



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