Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Ponders...

Last night we went to hang out at a friend's house
& she started showing me the GORGEOUS pieces 
that she'd painted for her daughter's room...

Jenni knows I'm a paint tramp,
so it was fun to hear her excitement 
about how they turned out.

I WISH I'd taken a picture, 
the heat is frying my brain!
(it was 89 at 10pm)

Anyway, she used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint 
in Provence ...

Photo via

just divine
& so smooth to touch...

So I got busy looking online today to find out more about it & what I would need to use it, etc.  I was tickled to see that Kristen on Favorite Paint Colors (one of my FAVORITE blogs) recently attended Haven & a class about it.  You can read more about it here.

Then of course I had to see if anyone has PINNED about it...
and they had...

Here are a few beautiful samples...


I thought I would pop in here 
& ask you guys if you've used it.

Do you love it, hate it??
It's not cheaply,
is it worth fooling with 
& hunting down?? 

I'm going to do some more homework about it.
So far it looks like the PERFECT medium to use on my kitchen island.

I'll keep you posted.

Speaking of paint.
Samples in E's room got shot down,
still looking for the right shad of blue. ;)


Have you seen this cute blog?

It is one of my favorites,
sweet Kacey Leigh is always 
sharing the cutest, preppy stuff!
I love to see what she's found! 


Don't forget, 
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Rummikub game...

Visit this blog post to enter. :)

Hope you're having a great weekend!!
Stay cool, friends!