Fun with Grown Ups!

I love my family time,
I adore my kids...

but sometimes I have just got to get out
& spend some time with adults

& we are especially blessed because...

We have some great friends,

I could go on & on about them...
(& on & on & on) 

I love them, 
I love their kids, & 
I even love their pets. ;)

We all have other friends, of course...
but the ten of us continue to stick together,
through thick, thin & everything in between.

We started out being friends because we all had a child in the same grade, but these days we hardly ever do anything together that involves our little people...

& I love that...
because it's becoming clear with Big O...
these little peeps are going to grow up 
& leave us home alone...
faster than we think. :(

we have been out & about with our buds some this summer...
what a hoot they are!

Earlier in this crazy month,
we all got dressed up &  

and attended our annual fundraiser for Cumberland.

How fabulous they all look...

what a buncha hotties! ;)

and I am still giddy over Daddy P in his white tux, 
seriously, Daniel your heart out! ;)

and speaking of Cumberland...

I ran up on this video of the party we did for CU...

Aside from the fact that cameras make me want barf & it shows....

this is a GREAT preview of what a fun night it was!


This past weekend, 
a few of us piled into a limo &
went to see Brothers of the Sun,
Kenny & Tim...


believe it or not,
it was my first limo ride...
just call me the limo virgin 

peeps having a rad time...

& me buckled up in a car seat...


Poor Daddy P,
how he stands to be with me, 
I am sure I do not know! ;)

& then here's me & my beloved little buddy, Carrie...
after a glass of wine (or three)

posing with a random stranger

in Hee Haw overalls,

Nashville, TN 

AT it's finest! ;)

I tried & tried to get an accurate count, 
but I think this was our sixth time to see Kenny in concert &
I can't believe it could be better than the last,
but it certainly was!

Everything is always better
when you're with people you love
& who don't care how stupid you look 
dancing like a fool in the dark.


Happy Tuesday, friends!