You know, 
I LOVE how
people are all so different.

Everyone has a story,
everyone is fighting a battle.

I am so curious about people.

When we go places,
I am often just observing...
it's hard for me to participate in a conversation with a 
large crowd because of my hearing. 

So, I just watch...

Not judge, just watch.
(there's a difference)
I love to see what people are wearing,
I especially love SHOES...
you can tell so much about a person by their shoes

& because I read lips,
it's so interesting to catch pieces 
of other people's conversations.

Everyone is different,
that is for sure...

I think that's why I enjoy blogs & facebook so much.

I love to see what other people are 
interested in, 
how they live 
& what they're doing..

I guess that's just my version of 
true, unscripted reality tv. ;)

One thing that always seems to blow my mind 
is how although we are all so different, 
you are always going to have those people who 
just cannot accept or respect that others are different from them.

I ran up on this blog while looking for ideas to work with E...
(makes me miss teaching first grade).

It's so complicated,
but yet SO very simple...

There are really two different kinds of people out there...



The Peace MAKERS

Pretty simple...

which one are you?? ;)

I've been pondering over differences this week.


and six oreo cookies last night...

I finally managed to remember that

1. You are not going to like everyone that you meet.

2.   Not everyone is going to like YOU 
(& that is a hard one to accept)

3. You are not going to like everything that everyone else likes
& everyone is not going to like the things you love...


4. Family is not just an important thing, 
it is everything.

5. Jealousy is an EVIL emotion.

6. People are going to try to hurt your feelings, 
but they will only hurt you if you LET THEM.

7. Some people love misery.

8. Don't dwell something that you cannot control


 Got it? ;)

Ok, I feel better now!


My peeps are finished with their chores 
(gosh, I love summer chores)
& we are cranking up 
a wicked game of Rummikub!

Have you played that game before?

It was one of my Granny's favorites
& Big O LOVES it still.

Then we are headed to the Dr to see if 
E is going to get this splint off.
He didn't need a full cast, 
just a bit of plaster in a splint.

NO WAY to make it waterproof,
totally screwing up our summer! :(

Please send some healed pinky vibes his way,
bless his heart!


 I'll be back tomorrow to talk about food.

The 4th is coming up & 
I am going to do some cooking!
 I love summertime cooking!!

Do you have any favorite summer recipes,
tell me about them in the comments or 
pop in and share them on facebook.

 Hope you guys have a fantastic day!