Summer Sewing...

I am starting to think that I might have forgotten how to sew.
It has been way too long since I used my machine!!

I recently bought this fabric to make a summer top for Miss O...

She's grown so much that I'm using this
Amy Butler halter pattern:

We'll see how it goes...
hopefully I haven't completely forgotten how! ;)

I have so many cute, cute sewing projects

I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you guys.

For women (or teens):

Cute & comfy Eliza Bennet top.

(I would leave off the straps)
Miss O would love this!
Need help Shirring? Let Angel teach you.  

I love!

(I love Elisabeth's blog too, wow!)

For little people...

Oh, there was a day when Sneaky E would have worn this thing all over town!  He probably still would, I might make one & see. Ha! 

I have some odd fixation with Chewbaca lately...
E always wants to be a hero character when we're playing, so I pick Chewie.
It's so much easier to play make believe when you can just growl, haha!!

precious, precious!!

For home...

So much work, but it is just divine!

I SERIOUSLY want to make one of these!
I can't part with that ugly thing, 
I rocked all my babies in it...
but I can't stand to look at it another minute!

For Scraps...
you know you have a bag full!!

and For Summer...

(holy cow, what a great site!!)

If you need's a link to some AWESOME craft/sewing patterns.

What about you guys?

 Do you have a Crafty/Sewing Board on Pinterest?
Leave a linky for me in the comments,
I would love to take a peek!



I will squall like a baby in August. :(
 I can't believe it is time for this kid to start school!!

Well, I've got to hop up here & get busy...

lots to do today,

my paint samples came in the mail yesterday
((just could not love Benjamin Moore...more..ha...
I am a pint size paint sample tramp!))

Going to slap a few on the wall in E's room...

plus I've got to pencil in a nappy later
because it's 

Tim & Kenny night for me & Daddy P! ;)

Love that KC!!


I will leave you guys with this one...

Have a beautiful Saturday, friends! :)