Wild Dunes & Charleston...

Warning: LOTS of pictures ahead!
Back earlier this crazy month...


we went to the beach for a week of 
MUCH needed R&R!

We've stayed at Wild Dunes before, 
but this was the first time to enjoy the beach at that resort.

We love the emerald coast & the panhandle of FL, 
but the east coast beaches are in my blood...
I would move in a minute if Daddy P said the word!!

The first couple of days it was cloudy,
rained a bit...

but still hot & great weather for exploring & digging...

and napping...

(which was great, because mama needed a nap BAD
Can you say HAG BAG there, whew!?!

While we were resting up, 

Big O was back in TN doing this...

I won't lie...
I was pretty jealous!

They sent a performance evaluation in the mail this past week...

I had to read it three times to comprehend that this child measured as SIX FOOT, ONE HALF INCH TALL...gracious, I knew he was too big for his britches...but I didn't realize he was that big!! ;)


After the rain cleared a bit, 

we had a good day in downtown Charleston,
my favorite!

I could wander around those streets for days & never be bored!

I decided not to haul my big camera,
all these pics are done with Instagram. 

I love that my peeps feel the same way...
we walked for blocks without a single a whine or complaint...

they were full of questions & 
constant to point out beautiful things they had spotted.

Miss O found her favorite house (pink, naturally).

So, of course Sneaky E had to pick out a favorite too...

I most enjoyed the bricks, I adore old bricks...

the Spanish Moss, 

the cobble stone streets, 

the joggling boards spotted in the gardens,

the color bursting WINDOW BOXES

& the divine Confederate Jasmine...

Of course we also had to do some goofing off while we were downtown...

 We had tons of fun & for June the weather was breezy & FABULOUS!

 Unfortunately, E had an upset on the way back to the car...
bless it!

He had a good time all the same. ;)

 One evening that week we
 enjoyed watching the dolphins play
in Shem Creek while we had dinner.

Every time we eat there we see a few!

My sister picked up Big O from his camp mid-week
and brought him and her boys down to the beach to vacation with us.

And mama was happy to have her big baby at the beach, 
it's not a family vacation without all three of my little punks! 

Thank you, Aunt Kim!! Mwah!!

We loved having some play time with 
sweet William & Joseph!

It was a fun,
very relaxing
family trip! 

((But, there is not place like home))

((there is also no place like my own bed, whew)) 

Speaking of relaxing,
I'm heading out to the pool to finish this book.
I love Karen White &
this one has me hooked!

I hope you guys have a beautiful Sunday!