Monday's Motivation & a WINNER...

Good Monday Morning!!

Well, not yet..

I woke up this morning to find that 
the little tummy upset that E had Friday night,
is indeed a little virus...

since he's apparently passed it on to Miss O,
I love it when my kids share.

Thankfully, she made it to the bathroom
instead of climbing up into my bed...
I'll spare you those details.

After learning that she wasn't feeling well,
I venture into the kitchen to get some coffee
(I love bad news before coffee, don't you?)...
I see that the trash that I set out for 
((ahem, Daddy P))
to take out,
did not get taken out...

& the dogs helped themselves 
to that nasty goodness...
all over my kitchen.

I definitely need some 
on this Monday!

 I think I'll start here...


sick kid,
bad dogs,
the whole lot...
so thankful!

& this one...
I like :)

I'm working on forgiving & forgetting right now.
That's a tough one.


I got E's bedding situated
& I LOVE it! 

The denim pieces we already had,

I found it at Dillard's a few years ago...
superior quality bedding, I might add!

It's been on E's bed & Big O has the same 
on his bed...every bit of it still looks new,
it's awesome!

The brown/red quilt & shams,
came from Pottery Barn Kids (last week).

It was on sale,

I love PBK bedding & 
 love to snag a good deal from them! ;)


my sweet friend, Linlee monogrammed the shams or me.

She did Miss O's pillows too...

Beautiful work, no?
She's a sweetheart!  

After slapping up those paint samples,
 I'm leaning toward a tan/beige on E's walls now.

I think there's enough blue going on in there.
Beige is a great neutral in a kid bedroom...
(also what is in Miss O's room)

Plus, I have a can of Shaker Beige (BM) sitting 
here left over from the playroom getting painted.

You can't go wrong with Shaker Beige. ;)


I was so, so tickled with all the 
Summertime recipe suggestions
that you guys left last week!

They were all good,

I'm a disappointed that our garden
(yet again)
has produced CUCUMBERS,
instead of Zucchini!
I LOVE zucchini!!

Next year I am using SEEDS,
the end.

On our way to the beach last month,
we ate dinner in Asheville, NC...

I had this divine Eggplant Parmigiana...
and I do mean DIVINE!!

You know how when you eat something,
that you never forget how good it was...
this dish goes down on that list!

Instead of " pasta noodles",
they had run zucchini through a pasta maker
(or something like that)
and the there were cooked zucchini "noodles" in the dish...
OH, it was just divine!!

I am on a quest to figure out how to recreate it at home, was SO good!! 

it's time for a winner!!

Congrats to Melissa Craig,
winner of the brand 
new Rummikub game!

She says:

I love summertime. We grill all summer long, so main dishes consist of steak, ribs, chicken with a variety of seasonings. Side dishes are normally grilled vegetables, squash, okra, potatos, zucchini, tomatoes in aluminum foil baskets, chop veggies, salt and add a little butter equals perfection, dessert is kept simple, ice cream, pudding or frozen popsicles, drink water, grape juice or sweet tea. 
Oh, how I enjoy the summertime.

Me too, Melissa!
Please email me with your mailing address & 
I will get this mailed to you asap.

Thanks to everyone who posted,
I love to hear from my blogging friends!!

Well, I've got to go clean up
trash & nasty...

I'll leave you with a happy thought...;)

Happy Monday, friends!!