School Routines & Lil Davinci GIVEAWAY!

Well, I'm back! ;)

After we got home from the dentist, 
& lunch 
& the pool yesterday 
I sat down with E while he watched some cartoons...
an hour later Daddy P is waking me up!

I hate for him to come home & find me asleep,
especially after having spent 3 hours at the pool 
while he was at work!!!

I ended up doing some TCB around the house,
the laundry...omgosh...then went back to bed around 9, 
slept till 7:30 this morning...

I was seriously exhausted!!

Makes me think of this collection of pics I have of E...
that kid...bless his heart!

So, now it's inevitable.... 

school is upon us & it's time to get into a productive routine
(or drown in a sea of papers & lunch box containers)...

Let's talk about ways to get your routine ORGANIZED & stay sane! ;)

Sure, you can have the fanciest built-in homework station...
but if you don't organize your time & utilize it properly
you will end up exhausted & frustrated!

As Miss O's fabulous 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Carey used to say...

"An Organized Student is a SUCCESSFUL Student"

and the same is true for moms!

Household Routines...

When my kids get back in school I am turning to my NOTEBOOK to help me get my household back in ROUTINE mode...this girl never fails me!  You can click that link and see how I use mine at home...


I've seen several similar notebooks on Pinterest,
some you can print yourself...
others you can buy & have custom printed to suit your family.

I love this version featured on Miss Poppins Blog... 

If you have more than one child,
I STRONGLY recommend getting organized with a notebook! 

I have sections for each child in my book...I keep important papers from their teachers like party committees for the year, class schedule (when you do have PE again!?!?), class list, etc.  

I also have a section for DAILY routine for me...this really helps me stay focused on what needs to be done around the house & if I stick to it, I am only "working" around the house for a bit of an hour every day...which leaves me with LOTS of free time to focus on projects & life.

There's also a section in my book for my weekly MENU...

So...Let's talk about FOOD...

It is SO important to feed your kids healthy food and teach them healthy eating is also SO HARD to do with all this processed food & fast food available....I try very hard to set a good example, I don't know if my kids are watching or's hard for a kid to focus on a salad when there's a poptart in the room... ;)

BREAKFAST, the most important meal of the day!

Last year I started something new for my kids for BREAKFAST...I no longer allow my kids to eat CEREAL for breakfast before school. 

I've found tons of great breakfast ideas on Pinterest...

This one, I'd have to say...
is the biggest FAVORITE at my house!
(one that is not served very often, but it sure is good)

Super Easy Sticky Buns made from Canned Biscuits!

I get hugs & kisses every time I make those!

I made up a little breakfast schedule for my kids...

Muffins on Monday
Toast on Tuesday
Waffles on Wednesday
Thirsty on Thursdays (smoothies), paired with a surprise breakfast vittle like sausage links, scrambled eggs, etc.

and my personal favorite...

Feed Yourself Friday! (bahaha)

This was actually pretty nice because they would repeat something from earlier in the week that they really enjoy (like Miss O digs toast with a swipe of peanut butter, Big O takes his toast with Nutella & Strawberry Jam)...

anyway...this worked out for us great & we're going to discuss it (gasp, time for a "family meeting") this weekend to decide on what things they would like to eat. 

LUNCHBOXES...ah, the axis of evil!

I'm still working on this...
I'm terrible about packing lunches & could really use some tips...
how do you gals organize lunches at your house?

Not only are school lunches our school they are EXPENSIVE!! It's much smarter to pack a lunch, but if you don't have a system in place (like me...bah) it's a difficult routine to follow.

I have a friend who packs lunches for the WEEK on Sunday...what an awesome idea! I don't know if that would work for us, but I'm considering it.

Here's a printout I found for organizing lunches...

that is so rad, no?

Miss Poppins knows where it's at! ;)

I do know that my older kids can most surely pack their own lunches...perhaps I should make that part of their weekly you make your kids pack their own??

Photo Credit Miss Poppins Blogspot

ah, decisions, decisions...

I like this site...Yummy Lunch Ideas, Photo gallery.
I'm very visual, this is a great site to get a ton of ideas quick!

& I've looked at this company before...EASY any of you guys use this system?  It seems like a winner! 

I am still working on this, 
I'll keep you guys posted if I have an eureka moment...PLEASE share your thoughts in the comments or over on the facebook page, this is definitely a weak spot for me!


DINNER...hiss, spit!

Oh, my...this is one that I absolutely MUST plan ahead for!  If I do not start the dinner process before I pick up the kids from school, the hours of 3-6pm are hell on earth at my house!!  

I love my CROCK POT!

I love it SO MUCH that I have TWO of them that I rotate out during the week!  

I am also one to prep something that needs to be baked & stick it in the fridge before I pick the kids's SOOOO nice to just pull that out & pop it in the oven around 4:45...& poof, dinner is ready!

I do try to make a weekly dinner schedule...but when you live with the pickiest man alive, it's hard to follow you plan your menu ahead or do you fly by the seat of your pants? ha 

I LOVE this idea & am considering making one on the inside of my pantry's just simple & fab!

Heather made her days of the week circles on her Cricut...
Heather, make some for me!! ;)

Now you're worn out from all this food work, aren't you...
gosh, me too!

Let's talk about something else! Ha!

Let's talk about laundry...
ugh, no! ;)
That's a post within itself!!

Let's talk about a GIVEAWAY!! 

Organizing PAPER...

ha, that can be a crazy chore when you have three kids bring thing things fridge is a battle zone for art work & spelling tests! 

My sweet sponsor, Elizabeth is giving away something that can help with this! She sells beautiful frames to hold precious art work or awesome test scores, that can be changed out easily without even removing them from the wall!

Here on this post you can enter to win a Lil Davinci 12x18 Kids Art Frame (in black, as shown), valued at $39.99...

Here's what you do to enter to's easy!

1. Visit Elizabeth's Facebook page, Superior Construction & Design & be a fan. She shares the best tips & wonderful inspirational verses, I love her facebook page!

2. Come back here & leave me a comment saying that you did.

Winner will be announced on Wednesday, August 1st...
Winner on Wednesday...yippee! ;)

I'm hopping up here to enjoy some time with my family.

Have a fabulous Saturday, friends!

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