Simple Chalkboard Chalk Art Tutorial

I am a little nutty over chalkboard paint...

I've slapped it all over my house,

and I love to turn JUNK

into useful chalkboards!
(maybe I need to start selling them??)

Here's one that I made earlier this summer...

Oh, she is a sassy missy!!

You can make one SO EASY...

Here's how I made her:

Started off with an ugly picture that I bought
at Goodwill for $2.99.
 Poor thing!!

I took her outside & spray painted the frame with 
 Rustoleum Painter's Touch, Lagoon in gloss.

The print wouldn't come out of the frame easily, 
so I broke out my favorite 
 to keep the chalkboard paint from getting on the blue.

I have found that the chalkboard paint 
that you paint on with a brush
is better in the long run 
(if you're using actual chalk)
than the spray paint version of chalkboard paint.

I used a little black foam brush to 
apply the paint around the edges.

Then applied the rest with a white foam roller.

You will want to let it dry for 10-15 minutes,
then apply another good coat.

After a few hours of drying,
you're good to go!

This time I used a CHALK PEN instead of 
real chalk...I have fallen hard for this pen version,
may never pick up another piece of chalk again!!

(This is also the brand Jennifer of Dear Lillie uses as well.)

I found mine at Save On Crafts online for $4.99,
but I'm sure you can find them at your local 
craft store like Joann's or Michaels. 

so now you know how to crank out 
a simple chalkboard...
and what to use to write on it.

Next time I'm going to talk about 


& the unlimited FUN ways to use it!!

Oh, how I love thee!!! :)

I'm hopping up & heading to the gym before it gets too hot...
Hope everyone has a FAB Friday!!

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