Sun & Sunflowers


We needed some rain, 
I'll be the first one to step up & testify to that...

but blah...
gray skies for days here...
I don't know about you,
but that starts to mess with my head! ;)

I need my sunshine!
I think moving to Forks is out for me...

Back last spring we planted a garden.
It has been the most divine thing...
fresh herbs, fat tomatoes, strawberries, peppers...yum!!!

My parents always had a garden,
my grandparents did too.

I decided it was time for us to get serious about having a "real garden" instead of just putting a couple of tomato plants in the backyard landscaping. 
It's been a nice start, but there are lots of things that I am going to change about it next year.

I know I took some pictures of it...Daddy P put a cute little picket fence around it for me, gate & sweet! I'll keep looking for them so I can share. Sneaky E was quite the farmer this spring...

but y'all already knew that! ;)

ha...but anyway...
Daddy P tiled up a spot down on our back lot for the garden, 
but I decided I just couldn't get up & down that hill with this jacked up runner's knee,

(I don't remember if I blogged about it, probably not...y'all don't want to read about my wussing & whining over that knee's still on the mend, SO frustrating)...

since the ground was all tiled up there, I dropped some sunflower seeds in & walked away.

It is beyond fascinating to me how these tiny seeds I planted in early May, now look like this in my backyard!

God's work is just amazing!

It stopped raining for a minute the other day, 
so I ran out to get some pictures of them.
I am so out of practice,
that is ON MY LIST of stuff to work on this fall...
get that camera out & start snapping!!

But here are a few that I liked,
all are edited using Florbella Actions (love them!!)...

(seriously out of practice, woof!!)

There is something so bewitching about sunflowers...
they are so, so sassy! ;)

I even got a decent shot of my precious Baby Blue too! ;)


It's quiet here this morning...

Daddy P, Miss O & Sneaky E all spent the night on the house boat with Grandma & Poppy. Wussy Big O & his mama had to go home...the boat slightly rocking got to us! My sick, queasy headache was gone by the time we got home...but Big O went right to bed & wouldn't eat a bite. We'll have to rethink our strategy next time. ;)

I'm tickled that I got to spend time with this kid to snuggle with his fuzzy head!

& this water dog!

You couldn't keep him out of the lake!!

Too fun!


I've got my list going this morning...
lots to do before the kids go back to school!!

In the upcoming week I'm going to be talking about ORGANIZING!! I think I might even host a linky party, would any of you guys want to blog about getting organized for school too? I know I need all the help I can get!

And speaking of Back to School...I've been shopping (somehow July feels more like December with all three kids going to school this year). I'll be sharing some deals & coupon codes that I've found!

I'm also going to be blogging about my new SPONSORS!!
Did you notice them up there under my profile?
DO go pay them a visit & say hello, they're awesome!

I'm still chewing on this...
LOVE all these great ideas you have sent me...

Sneaky E has it set in his mind that it's home for a new fish...ah, no?


And, I am IMPATIENTLY waiting for my Milk Paint...
it should be here tomorrow or Tuesday...
I am dying to get these chairs painted & recovered!!

I'll keep you posted on that project, it's a big one!

Yippie Skippie!
Have a beautiful Sunday!!