I want to tell you about this friend I have...

what a treasure she is!

Her name is Jen...

she is a ball of energy,
 and absolutely stunning...

She makes me go to the gym,
she kicks my tail!!

She finds good in everything,
and you find yourself 
held captive by her beautiful

She loves people,
makes friends everywhere she goes!
(no joke, EVERY where)

She loves a good deal,
has a coupon for EVERY store,


She is incredibly fun,
there's nothing she will not try...
She makes me laugh...
I love that the best...


it's so rare to find a person 
who you just click with,
they "get you",


She & I are very different,
but we totally click,
we totally finish each others sentences...

we totally agree that
is completely rad! ;)

I love this girl & 
am so thankful for her friendship!

Mwah, mwah, my friend!

Thank you for just being the
wonderful you that you are! 

The end.