I think we can all agree that...

everybody loves treats! ;)

It might be sweets, fabric, candles, nail polish...
a girl has got to have treats! ;)

Here are a few fun ones that I wanted to share:

L'Oreal Paris Nail Polish...
Now You Sea Me ($5.99 at Target)
Love this color!!

Dena Designs...
Pretty Little Things fabric collection 

this sassy fabric line makes my heart sing!!

Gorgeous monogrammed sun hat...
Amy also does baby gifts & other goodness,
AND she's a local friend
(did I mention she is awesome, go visit her).

Here's another treat,
one of my favorite actresses turned 96 yesterday!

Happy birthday, Miss Olivia de Havilland!!

Pretty awesome treat! :) 

I would love one of these treats...
a Seaside Jute Tote $18, from Mud Pie!

So sassy!!!

((why is my font so small))
((I'm shrinking, helllllp))

I've got to try this company out
I love everything on their site!!

This Medicine Man Turquoise Cuff, 
my...a nice treat!
(for just $22 at Junk Gypsy)

and to go with that sassy bracelet,
you might need these boots...

(I think I need these boots)

$385 from Merchantile in Seaside

This is just simply beautiful...
Monogrammed Silver Necklace, $59...

Now, you want to make an impression...
take one of these as a hostess gift:

what a treat!!

My personal fave is called
Twenty-four Seven glam.

Another great treat
(& hostess gift)

it is divine...

and one last treat...

For your hair...
I thoroughly swear

It is $40 for a bottle,
but it lasts at least 8-9 months &
it's the only thing I use on my hair besides 
some hairspray when I finish styling.

Soft, silky hair, 
definitely a treat! ;)

Now, how about that...
I feel all happy & pampered 
& didn't spend a dime! 

Do you guys have a treat that you love,
leave me a comment 
or pop in over on the facebook page & share.

Speaking of sharing over on fb,
my sweet friend, Kathy
shared a picture of the Southfork Ranch...
her nephew lives down the road,
how fun is that!!

Are you watching Dallas this summer?
I sure am...
Is it Wednesday yet?????

and one last treat, 

Gorgeous Blogger, Sarah of A Beautiful Life
Used my Moss Letter Tutorial to add 
a personal touch at her recent wedding.

I love it!!

Hop over & say hi to the newlywed! ;) 

Well, I'm popping up 
to enjoy my treat for the day...
spending time with 
my sister & her sweet boys!!
Love them!

Hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday!