How to Turn Jeans into Cuffed Capris

Well, I still cannot get pictures off my camera card...

The computer guy will be here later.

So today, 

I'm going to show you a little sewing tutorial...
compliments of Instagram 

(applause, please). ;)

I had some jeans in my closet that were too long,
so I decided to turn them into a pair of capri length jeans...
it stays hot here well up into the middle of October & cuffed capris look really cute with ballet flats.

I found this awesome tutorial last spring over on Make It & Love It.  I used what I learned from Ashley & figured out how to turn my too long jeans into a pair of cuffed capris.

Thankfully my jeans were STRAIGHT LEG jeans.
That made my project much easier!
I probably would not have used these if they were flare leg jeans.

The first thing that I did was try them on & fold them up (WAY up), so that the hem of the jeans was were I wanted them to be when they were finished.

Then I measured.
I wanted about a 4 inch cuff, so I measured down 5 inches & another half inch just below. You can see were I marked them on the jeans next to the seam.


The lower dot is where I am going to cut them off. The 5" marked dot is where I'm going to fold them back up.

Do get's simple to do.
Let's keep going.

I made sure they were even, 
then I took a deep breath & used my rotary cutter on them.


Now, I'm ready to sew. 

(excuse the Tang hand know you're supposed to wash your hands really good one hour after a spray tan, right??...I forgot this time, whoops)


I pinned these all the way around.
I'm a pinner...if you follow me on Pinterest, you know this. ;)


Then I stitched the jeans back together,

removed all the pins,

and went back around the bottom and added a zigzag stitch to keep the fraying down...

& let my breath out at this point, because it looked like this was actually going to work!


So, now all I had left to do was tuck this back up into the jeans...
(sorry, more tang hand)


this is what they will look like under there...
(& NOBODY will know but you....whahahaha)


I did go back & tack them by hand (using a needle & thread) 
so that they would stay up & the part that I sewed back together will stay down.  Ironing these cuffs will be a must before wearing, but worth it.


Now they're ready to go...


and Lil Patti & Smokey were quite impressed. ;)

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or shoot me an email and I will try to help you with it.

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