Run, run, go, go...


I have been running crazy around here!
I had so much motivation yesterday,
I forgot to pop in & share it!

I ran to the gym, 
did three miles on the elliptical,
knee was feeling fine so I jumped in & 
did the last 15 minutes of Spin 
(mercy, how I have missed Spin),
ran home & whipped up a shake,

then whipped out my NOTEBOOK!
("my handy, dandy notebook"...I miss the Blue's Clues days)

My Monday looked like this...

Classic Monday!
I was not pleased,
but determined to get back on my regular routine...

needless to say,
it ate up my entire day & 
then I went on to deep clean the master bedroom...

I had just enough time to grab a fast shower before picking up my kids...

I was so exhausted last night I hardly even wanted to eat dinner! Ha!

This morning I'm focusing on the Family Room...
Blah, blah, blah! 

Let me go get this mess whipped into shape & I'll be back to tell you about this paint project I am dying to share...

I am LOVING these "new" dining chairs done in Chalk Paint!!

Until then, hop over to Dixie Delights & check out her stunning porch is incredible!! 

Have a great Tuesday, friends!