Winner on Wednesday!

I'm popping in here to announce the winner of 
the Lil Davinci frame...
(winners selected by random number generator at
Comment #15, CFuller!
Please email me with your mailing address so that we can get this shipped to you.
Thanks so everyone who entered & visited Elizabeth's site.
Today is our last full day of summer break...
yesterday we had our neighborhood "last hoorah" swim party,
peeps left as prunes...they swam for five hours!!
Then we went golfing with Daddy P...
cutest golfer ever, no? ;) 


Today we are tying up loose ends & of course, 
going to the doctor & getting haircuts 
(cause the last minute is when I do everything, don't you??...).
I took E to meet his teacher on Monday.
He knew her already, she has been working at the school as an aide
& decided to go back to teaching. She is the sweetest, I'm so tickled.
Unfortunately, E has some serious tunnel vision. I don't think he could picture her in the classroom as a teacher AND he had it in his mind that he was going to have another teacher (whom already teaches kindergarten & he's met her).  Needless to say, he was very weird when we went in her classroom...(that's all I need is for HIM to be crying tomorrow...SLAY ME FOR SURE).
So, she sent me a text later in the day to check on him...she was worried because he wasn't acting like himself (good that she's fully aware of his rep before he arrives, no?)...I told her he would be fine, etc.  
Later I mentioned it to him saying "she was worried that you were nervous about school & I told her that you were not & you would be just fine" & he turns & looks at me with this horrible face saying "BUT I AM NERVOUS, I'M BERY NERVOUS"...

Thank you so much for your sweet comments & 
prayer for Natalie and her family. 
I appreciate them very much. 
Nat has always been a ray of sunshine, 
always smiling, always kind to everyone.
My heart is just broken for her. :(

Thank you for visiting, I appreciate you guys. 
Happy Wednesday.