Elastic Hair Ties Tutorial...

I have been seeing these cuties all over lately.
I'm always on the lookout for simple hair accessories for Miss O.

The Summer Fun Collection - 5 Colorful Elastic Hair Ties


They were just adorable to me,
until I looked at the price!!
TWO for $5 in some places...
Oh, I'm so sorry...
I cannot let you do that!!
This cute stuff can be bought & you can make a dozen of them for less than $5! All you need is some FOLD OVER ELASTIC
I found this site on Etsy, Elastic By the Yard...
you can get TEN yards for $2.95!
Here's how you make these little cuties:
First measure out your elastic, 
I cut mine approx. 10-11". Then I brought my ends together and then tied them together as one knot.
Easy as one, two, three!

You can also seal the ends of your elastic (very carefully) using a lighter, this will keep them from fraying apart. :)
Happy Hair Day!